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Activity & Camp Planning                           Last updated 01.03.12

Before you get started, review the Safety Activity Checkpoints for general guidelines & this chart to see if an application must be submitted to council.

  • Review the Safety-Wise requirements & make certain to have CPR, First Aid & Troop Camp Trained Adult volunteers.
  • Camping? Have you attended troop camp training? If not, check the GSNEO site to register.
            - Outdoor Essentials & Outdoor Overnight Experience are required overnight camp training courses.
  • Getting Ready! - Information about Packing, Bed Rolls, Mess Kits & Dishwashing.
  • What must be purchased and/or packed by the troop (e.g. food)? This will get you started: Sample Troop Packing List
  • Work with your Troop to organize kapers: Kaper Chart
  • Camping where you could SWAP? What are SWAPS anyhow? SWAPS